2013 Timber Frame Workshop May 19-25


Another year has passed, and the spring Brings us back to our annual timber framing class at the John C Campbell Folk School in Brass town N.C.

This year we are building a pavilion for the memorial gardens on campus. There is no better place to spend a week and submerge your self into the world of timber framing.

So come on and join us , the helpful staff at the John C Campbell Folk School will be more then happy to help you get enrolled . You can contact them at 1-800-365-5724 or online at www.folkschool.org


Hope to see you there  Class Dates are May 19-25

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What to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon……..

Going to an outdoor auction in a rain storm may not sound very appealing , however , if every one felt that way , there ought to have been plenty of bargains .

So With my rain coat in hand , plenty of cash , and an adventurous spirit ; I set out . When I arrived at the auction , I was relived to discover : I was not the only deranged man who thought this was a good idea . I have honestly never see that many rain drenched people in hopes of finding the one item of their desires .

Now , these items for auction were neither prized antiques nor rare steam engines ; these items were mostly broken down heavy machines far past their usefulness . They were being bought solely for their salvage value and last remaining worth .

Felling somewhat sad over the fate of these titans of industry , I looked around to see if any of them would be worthy of resurrection . While I walked past the gigantic Monarch metal lathes , the massive drill presses , and heavy steel monsters of unknown tasks , I spot a large pile of what seemed to be great round pots , although , they had no bottoms .
As I studied the unusual pieces of cast iron , I began to understand that they were parts of an old pot-bellied stove . A stove the size of which I’ve never seen . Unaware if the entirety of the stove was present , or what it may look like , I dismissed it. It was absolutely destined to the other in the scrap pile .

Disappointed by the lack of interesting or useful pieces , I started to leave . When all of a sudden the auctioneer started to sell the lot containing the stove parts . I heard him call ,” What do you bid for this lot ? Someone start me out! How’bout $100.00 ?” No one bids . After a few moments he yells ,” who’ll give me $50?” No offer . In his last attempt he pleads ,” $25?”; When a man raised his bid card . With new hope in his voice the auctioneer called .”do I have $50?”; then “$100?”;then “$150?!”

I was beginning to wonder if the men there were aware of something I was blind to . I often wonder , who is this person doing the idiotic things I so often take responsibility for . I then heard the auctioneer declare ,” sold to bidder number one eleven !” My bid number ; Go figure . I then hear myself , daughters , and employees ask ,” Charles , what were you thinking ?!”
First thing after hauling 100 pounds of seemingly worthless scrap iron home ; find out if my suspicions were correct . I wondered if that giant iron beast was indeed a pot-bellied stove . After much sand blasting and blackening I discover I am now a proud owner of an “Indiana Foundry’s company #1 Jumbo Big Ben Pot Bellied Stove .

This large beauty will warm my humble Timber Framing shop for years to come . It will also serve as a constant reminder that the relics of our past connect us to our forefathers in ways very few things can . It was well worth effort .


A special Thank you

To DW Timber Frame Designs for their continued support of Blue Heron Timber Works L.L.C by means of quality customer referrals. And we appreciate their confidence in our ability to provide their customers with a quality timber frame experience. We here at Blue Heron Timber Works L.L.C Thank You, and look forward to another productive year in the Knoxville Tn area and nationally .


Timber framing in Knoxville Tn. is off to a great start in 2012

We just completed our first Timber Frame project of the new year,tho it did start earlier this fall. Excellent job to all the crew who participated in this timber frame project, and to the in house design staff great job handling some tricky joinery challenges. We are well on our way on our second Timber frame project of the year here at the shop in Knoxville Tn. a custom Cedar octagonal pavilion due to ship out in a week or so. And we still have a couple of potential Timber frame projects cooking up in our Knoxville office. So it looks like this year is starting out good . We are also making steady progress toward our first Timber frame workshop of the year,if you are interested you can check out our Timber Frame workshop flyer posted a bit earlier in this blog.


Kentucky Timber Frame Workshop Update

Official fliers are going out this next week so if you are on our mailing list expect to see them soon .I you do not receive one and would like too Please send us an email request or hit us up on facebook and we will get one heading in your derection


2012 Timber Frame Workshop

Welcome to the Blue Heron Timberworks Blog. This is the first work shop for the 2012 calender year. more info to come Please feel to contact us by phone or email or look us up on face book …… Until next time


New Web Presence

January 2011, Blue Heron Timber Works celebrates another strong year in customer satisfaction with a new website that showcases our finest homes, buildings and timberframe design elements to date. We also want to make it easier for our online clients to ask questions, get quotes and view some of the designs we specialize in so we can get started on their project.

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