Official Flyer For Timber frame workshop

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charles.judd on January 6, 2012 at 8:50 pm says:

I received a call from a potential client saying they love timber framing BUT!!! How often do we hear that it doesn’t fit into the budget or timber will be reduced to just accents. In an attempt to keep the timber in their project I offered to come to their building site and teach a timber frame workshop to cut and raise their frame. I sold them the timber, provided the tools, advertised the workshop and spent 7 days in beautiful Colorado teaching 15 students about our craft. The “host’ participated in cutting and raising their own timber frame and was able to save about 40% of the cost of me providing the frame and erecting it. The students received a 7 day emersion into my world with a hands on comprehensive experience of the entire process of creating a timber frame structure. I believe these workshops allow people who thought that timber frames were to expensive or who otherwise can’t afford one a chance to realize their dream of living in a timber frame home. These folks have proven to be my most passionate ambassadors and welcome into their home anyone interested in seeing my work. I have 3 workshops scheduled for 2012 and hope to do 6-8 this year. If you are interested in hosting a workshop or just signing up for one please contact me. You can find the contact information by going to the contact section on this web site. Have a great new year and I hope to see you in a workshop.

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