About Us

Blue Heron Timber Works, LLC provides residential and commercial timber frame services not only in Tennessee, we have shipped our timber frame homes and accent products to Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Texas, and various other locations throughout the United States. We proudly offer to our customers:

Complete Timber Frames

Heavy Timber Trussestimber frame

Interior Timber Trusses

Exposed Timber Trusses

Architectural Accent pieces

Timber Frame Walkways

Timber Frame Carport

Heavy Timber Frame Entryways



Hidden metal plate joinery for your timber frame and timber accent pieces

Architectural and Engineering Services

Metal plate and bolt connections

          Structural Insulated Panels (S.I.P.)

We thrive on unique customer requests. The more challenging the project, the more rewarding. Contact us today. What can we build together?


About the Owner

Charles Judd is the owner and president of Blue Heron Timber Works LLC and is a Timber Frame Instructor at John C. Campbell School in North Carolina. He is a member of The Timber Framers Guild and has worked with them on many historic reconstructions.

Charles has been a Timber Framer since 1990 and under his direction Blue Heron Timber Works LLC has worked with a number of general contractors both Commercial and Residential in Tennessee and within the United States.

Blue Heron Timber Works LLC has provided  timber frames and accent pieces  for over 200 structures and continues to build the finest quality frames from Tennessee.

                                                   Grande Vista Bay club house@ Watts bar lake